PNW Components

Through many years of experience in the mountain bike industry, the founders of PNW Components realized that bike parts were significantly overpriced. They witnessed the standard industry practice of having many parties involved in the design, development, and testing of components. This lead to increased costs. The PNW team decided to change this model by keeping overhead costs low. They worked directly with manufacturers, kept marketing in-house, and focused on engineering products that deliver exactly what customers want. PNW soon started producing high-quality products at very affordable prices.

The PNW team has decades of experience working for some of the top brands in the industry. They have been fostering strong relationships with leading manufacturers. They have also been working at the forefront of what’s new in the cycling industry. PNW was founded by the married duo Aaron and Emily Kerson. Aaron worked for Specialized Bicycles as a Product Developer for their mountain bike line. He later took on the role of Product Manager of Mountain Bikes for Marin Bikes. Emily also has a resume filled with companies renowned in the cycling industry including Marin Bikes and Polygon Bikes. Emily’s background includes everything from photography, graphic design, web development, and marketing. Leveraging their experiences, Aaron and Emily set a foundation for PNW. They sourced high-quality components while simultaneously maintaining overhead costs. This allowed them to provide high-quality components at affordable prices to their customers. They traveled the world studying bike markets and bike design while learning from incredible manufacturers about creating unparalleled products.

PNW Components also has a passion for creating products for all of us. Not everyone is an elite level racer or professional shop mechanic. PNW produces products that are easy to install, easy to service and work consistently every time. Their components perform at the same level as their big-name competitors. However, they don’t require intensive initial tuning or frequent servicing. Additionally, all PNW products, even their PNW dropper seat posts, come with their 3-year warranty. Along with creating their customer friendly products, PNW wants to hear from their customers. The company loves customer input and feedback. If you have an idea for a new component or suggestions on how to improve a current product, they want to hear from you. The owners of PNW know they aren’t perfect. However, they believe with the help of their customers, they can get pretty close!

Many of the PNW dropper posts feature infinite adjust. This means you can set the saddle anywhere you want within the travel of the PNW post. PNW Components has both internally routed and externally routed dropper posts so cable routing won’t be an issue. If it’s a gravel or cyclocross bike you’re looking to add a dropper post to, PNW has the Rainier post. It has an option for both a standard lever and a CX lever that works on drop bars.

Whether you’re looking for a PNW Bachelor 150, looking for a lever, or just have questions about cable actuated dropper seatposts, then jump on a call or chat with one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 888-880-3811 seven days a week. For more information on dropper posts and what to look for when you're purchasing one for your bike, take a look at our How To Buy A Dropper Seatpost article.