The Sensus was founded by freeride mountain bike legend Cam Zink in 2009. Cam had run a ton of grips throughout his career but never found a pair that he felt was just right. As the primary contact point between a rider and their bike, Zink new the importance of having the “perfect grip”. Zink soon released the Sensus Swayze slip-on grip. Zink created his dream grip and wanted everyone to experience its awesomeness.

The popularity of Sensus grips soon exploded in the realms of gravity-oriented mountain biking. The grips were backed by one of the biggest names in the sport and soon many other big names started running the grip too. Soon a lock-on version of the Swayze grip was released so riders who preferred a more solid contact point could run the grips. Both the lock-on and slip-on Swayze grip features a large inner flange and an elevated end which felt nice on the outside of the rider’s hand.

Sensus bike grips next introduced the signature Andreu Lacondeguy lock-on grip, the Disisdaboss. The Disisdaboss was Sensus’ first flangeless grip and features a texture that was slightly thicker and stiffer than the mushroom design of the Swayze grip. Compared to standard lock-on grips, both the Sensus lock-on grips feature a width of 143mm which is significantly wider. The grips feature a wide profile to make it easy to get your hands back on the handlebars when taking them off to do tricks like no-handers and barspins.

The next grip to come out of the Sensus factory was the Sensus Lite. The Sensus light features a single lock ring design which blends the pros of lock-on and slip-on grips together. A rider receives the same security as provided by a lock-on grip but doesn’t have to deal with the uncomfortable metal lock ring located on the outside of the grip. The Sensus Lite features a circumference that feels slightly smaller than the Swayze Lock-On and Disisdaboss, making them a favorite for riders who prefer to ride with gloves. It also features smaller ribs for less float.

The most recent grip to be released from Sensus is the Meaty Paw. The Meaty Paw is Kyle Strait’s new signature grip. The grip features a single lock-ring design along with a much larger circumference. Kyle Strait has huge hands, so he needed a huge grip. In the past, Strait would run a Swayze slip-on MTB grip wrapped around a standard lock-on grip to achieve the grip size he wanted. With his new signature grips, Kyle no longer needs to make custom mods to have his perfect grip.

Sensus is a world leader in grip technology. Riders will have the ultimate comfort and control while riding their bikes. Whether you’re looking for mountain bike grips, good-times, or just have a question about Sensus Bike, jump on a call or chat with one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 888-880-3811 seven days a week. They are always happy to help, Keep Pedaling!!