Road Bikes

Road bikes are the closest feeling to flying that you can have on land. We all know and love the feeling of defying the push of the wind against us while we pedal faster, letting the hum of the tires on pavement drown out the sounds of the city. These bikes are amazing machines and finding the perfect one takes time, research, and understanding your individual needs. There are several different kinds of bikes in the road category. These range from elite race oriented bikes, endurance-focused bikes, daily commuters and bikes built to simply cruise the local bike paths. Defining which category of road that fits your needs is an important first step when shopping for your next ride. Some of the categories of road bikes that you’ll find at Jenson USA include:

Elite Road Bikes are the sports car of the road category. Within this sub-category of Road, you will find bikes that push the limits of bicycle technology to bring you the fastest, lightest, and most aerodynamic bikes built today. These racing bikes are where the technology developed at races like the Tour de France become available to the everyday rider. Carbon fiber bikes and carbon fiber forks are very common in the elite bike category although there are some aluminum frame models available as well. Elite road bikes sacrifice some comfort in order to position the rider in the most aerodynamic position possible, so if you are looking for a bike to tackle long road rides and squeezing every bit of speed out of your bike is not your ultimate goal then have a look at our endurance bikes.

Endurance Road Bikes are the result of an evolution in road design. Road bikes have long been designed around finding the most aerodynamic body position for the rider with comfort being an afterthought to some extent. Endurance bikes were born out of an idea that bikes need not be solely designed for elite bike racers. As road designers began tweaking the geometry of these bikes to relax body positions and alleviate stress in key areas of cyclists bodies, like our backs, shoulders, and necks, more riders were able to get out on the road and enjoy one of the most beautiful sports in the world. Yes, there are some sacrifices in weight and aerodynamics that are made when choosing an endurance bike over an elite bike, but for those of us that ride for freedom and adventure and leave the racing to the professionals, endurance bikes are our preferred tool. These endurance-oriented bikes also tend to feature different styles of brakes, like disc brakes, while still having a lightweight carbon fork. This makes them much more versatile in where riders can ride their bikes.

Jenson USA has a wide selection of elite and endurance road bikes for sale. We try our best to make finding your dream bike as easy as possible. We are riders just like you and we know how important selecting a great bike is. If you have any questions at all about men's or women's road bikes, hop on a call or a chat with one of our expert Gear Advisors at 888-880-3811 today so that we can help you find that perfect bike.