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Magura 8.P Performance Disc Brake Pads
SAVE 20 %
MSRP $40.00
Award Winner
Magura Disc Brake Bleed Kit
SAVE 17 %
MSRP $29.00
Award Winner
Magura MT Trail Sport Brake Set
SAVE 18 %
MSRP $275.00
Award Winner
Magura Storm HC Rotor
From $24.99
SAVE 22 %
MSRP $32.00
Award Winner
Magura MT Caliper Rings
SAVE 25 %
MSRP $39.99
Magura Disc Brake Pads
From $21.99
SAVE 21 %
MSRP $28.00
Award Winner
Magura 7.C Comfort Disc Brake Pads
SAVE 11 %
MSRP $28.00
Magura 8.R Race Disc Brake Pads
SAVE 10 %
MSRP $53.00
Award Winner
Magura MT Trail SL Brakeset
SAVE 44 %
MSRP $585.00
Award Winner
Magura 7.P Performance Disc Brake Pads
SAVE 17 %
MSRP $30.00
Award Winner
Magura Shiftmix Lever Clamp
From $29.99
SAVE 23 %
MSRP $39.00
Award Winner
Magura Storm SL 2 Rotor
SAVE 21 %
MSRP $38.00
Award Winner
Magura MT7 HC Next Flip Flop Brake
SAVE 9 %
MSRP $235.00
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Magura has been passionately and wholeheartedly engaged in providing technical solutions for hand-operated machines for over 120 years. The company’s products are used in everything ranging from bicycle disc brakes and go-karts to construction/agricultural equipment and wheelchairs. They also manufacture products for small aircraft and hand-operated systems of all kinds. Because of their innovative spirit, flexibility, and outstanding policies on quality and service, the company always faces upcoming challenges head-on. Competitively minded committed employees are the basis for the company’s success.

Magura has a tradition of setting new standards using groundbreaking developments and of course, their infectious optimism. The company’s partners and customer base values their enthusiasm at the interface between man and machine. Whether they are producing mechanical, hydraulic, electromechanical, or electronic products, the company always stands for performance and emotion. No matter which industry they are producing products for, they strive for quality and innovation. In the bicycle sector of the company, they produce a full range of disc brakes, rim brakes, E-bike brakes, and dropper seatposts.

Magura’s employees drive motorcycles, use agricultural equipment, are enthusiastic cyclists and passionate model vehicle fans. Magura Brakes is defined by their employee’s connection to what they produce. Their engineers combine modern product technology with a drive to create products that are fascinating and in a technical class of their own. To achieve this standard, all their products are tested on the roughest racetracks and off-road courses in the world. Top pros across the globe test their products in the toughest conditions.

Whether you’re looking for a super light hydraulic brake set, replacement brake pads, brake levers, rotors for your cross country mountain bike, or just have a question about any Magura product, jump on a call or chat with one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 888-880-3811 seven days a week. They are always happy to help, Keep Pedaling!