The number of people commuting to work and other city destinations by bike has skyrocketed in recent years. From 2000 to 2017, the average number of people commuting to work has increased over 100% in bike friendly communities. Several large cities in the US have seen increases around 400%. As streets and highways get overcrowded with cars, bikes have become a much easier and cheaper way to travel around town. If you are tired of traffic and high gas prices, consider riding a bike for transportation. Commuter and urban bikes can satisfy many, if not all your transportation needs.

Commuter bikes come all shapes and sizes for all shapes and sizes of people. The bikes commonly feature multiple gears for easy hill climbing and two brakes for quick responsive braking in case something jumps out or falls in your way. These bikes occasionally have front suspension to help smooth out small bumps in your commute, but very rarely have rear suspension to allow for efficient pedaling. Wheel sizes range from 26” to 700c depending on the style and size of the bike.

E-bikes have also become a very popular way to commute around town. Never again do you have to show up to work tired and sweaty from riding your bike there. E-bikes assist in your pedaling making any ride easy and relaxing. Effortlessly pedal up to 20 or 28mph without breaking a sweat. When it comes time to charge the bike, the battery charger easily plugs into any standard wall outlet. A full charge only takes a couple hours and then you’ll be back on your way.

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