6D Helmets

6D’s unique name comes from the engineering term, “Six Degrees of Freedom,” which denotes the ability to move freely in a three-dimensional space, as displayed by the Cartesian coordinate system of X, Y, and Z. And, in short, that’s their philosophy on absorbing impact. They want their helmets to deliver reliable protection from every angle, keeping you covered no matter where the impact comes from. As they put it, 6D is dedicated to the “relentless pursuit of brain protection,” and their helmets let you know just how serious they are. Using unique mountain biking safety technology, they’ve made a goal of revolutionizing the way the head encounters impact.

It was that very goal that led 6D to develop their omni-directional suspension technology. Using fully-active, in-helmet suspension, this system is built to protect your brain from low, mid, and high-velocity impacts, as well as linear and angular accelerations. By managing the kinetic energy of the impact, the technology reduces energy transfer, actively lowering the amount of force the brain experiences. 6D integrated polymer dampers into their dual EPS liners, therefore creating a system that actively absorbs and redirects shock. The dampers feature an elastic composition, which allows them to cushion the brunt force of the impact, and their distinct hourglass shape reduces the violence and reverberation experienced in real-world crash scenarios. In short, 6D is helping to pave the way towards safer mountain biking. And that’s something we can get behind.